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Geron Investment & Trading Co. LLC is a Leading multi international Investment organisation. It started operating in October 2015. It is incorporated under the Companies Code of 1963 (Act 179), and registered as a Limited Liability Company in 2015, With a registration number CS709952015 by the Registrar General Department of Ghana.
Formed to create more employment in Ghana and beyond the boundaries of West Africa . It’s also aimed at giving more returns to Investors and its Shareholders.

Company Branches: Ghana USA and São Tomé

Geron Investment & Trading Co. LLC intends to disburse over $100,000,000,000.00 through real estate development, Land banking, mining and precious minerals and financing of trade and general goods both in Ghana and beyond the borders of Ghana.

Organisational Structure

The company has a Board of Directors (BOD) consisting of 3 members. Membership includes the Executive Director (chairman of the board), Secretary (also as an Operational Director) , Member (Director of the company)

Project Management Team
The General Manager / Managing Director (GM /MD) heads the management team, which takes the form of the Project Management Team (PMT). The GM reports to the BOD through its chairman. The PMT is responsible for the activities of the Company at the Zonal level. It consists
of the GM who chairs it, Finance Director (FD)/Accountant, Business Operations Manager(BOM), Marketing & Product Development Manager (MPDM), Head of Risk Management(HRM)..The PMT plans, directs and monitors project activities of zonal/field personnel. It is also responsible for developing innovative responses to the challenges of capacity building. All the PMT members have officers under their operations. These people report to the Heads of these departments

The vision is to become the largest Investment Institution in West Africa especially Ghana and also beyond the boundaries of West Africa with its core operations in Investment in Real estate, Land Banking, Mining and precious minerals, Finance and trading in General Goods. We believe
strongly in organisational values and in human spirit of the community to provide work and strengthen customer business.

The mission of the Company is to create more employment, and make sure investors gain more returns on their Investments.

The main objectives of the GITC Limited are:
· Invest into real estate and land Banking,
· To invest into mining and precious minerals,
· Financing and trading of General goods,
· Creation of more Jobs